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rss 173 weeks ago
Hello there, Teefurians! Sorry to interrupt trading but I received my first grab bag purchase today and received the following three shirts:

Buddha Bot v6.0:

Serenity Sake:

Unprocessed Soylent Green:

When I decided to do a grab bag, I was prepared to have a couple of unpopular shirts and maybe a Dr. Who or Mario shirt if I was lucky but I ended up with three "Super Popular" designs. As is with the nature of grab bags, all things are random but was this a particularly rare occurrence or are there commonly more of the really popular prints?

Also, if anyone has Male's XXL shirts for trade, my trade thread is here:

Yeah, I'm so keeping Buddha Bot.
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    173 weeks ago
    It really is completely random and in the past I usually get 3 unpopular shirts. Lately there have been a lot more "Super-Popular" shirts due to the growing community on the website, but it is still pretty rare to see the Pancakes show up and they usually only go to really good designs. Like you, I was shocked to open up my grab bag today and find 2 Captain Ribman designs and 1 Ian Leino design. Both of these artists are some of the more popular artists here on Teefury!

    I got:

    Unprocessed Soylent Green by Captain Ribman

    Time Warp by Ian Leino

    Hello LionO by Captain Ribman

    The only shirt I definitely want to trade is the Soylent Green shirt, but I'm still open to offers. =D

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