I want to thank Tom Burns for commenting so fast on our request for tees and designs. Here's the details:
Nov. 19 in Manhattan, Orphans International Worldwide is having a party and auctioning tees (after they are modeled and introduced in a fashion show.).. The sale of the tees raises money for our orphans project in Haiti. You can read about our charity at www.oiww.org. At "events" you can click on lots of details. If you have shirts already made, we are thrilled to receive donations: send right away to

Orphans International Worldwide
540 Main Street #418
New York, NY 10044

2 women from Project Runway are coming to entertain and MC, we hope for a nice turn out and we have also asked REAL DESIGNERS like you to consider designing a tee that " reflects the conditions, hopes, realities of children in the developing world"

It's a loose description...but we are interested because we may want to follow this line and use art like this to keep the world's eyes on these kids. Year after year the number of orphans is still rising...Tsunami, aids, war, hurricanes, malnutrician... creativity is sorely needed for this subject.

Anyway, We hope you can do a group design.... collaboration. Send it by Nov.16 so I can get it printed out full size. So we can show it that night at the event. Also, if any individuals want to give it a go...we would like to see what you can come up with. All rights are yours, of course. Stussy has donated 250 blank tees to us, and I am looking for some screen printing donations, so I can probably get the winning design into print in 2009. So we can talk about how to do it. Ed at Tee Fury said we could do a one day sale... and we could have the profit from that...which would be a great start. Thanks for spreading the word...tees are arriving every day from a great community of designers.

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    284 weeks ago
    Ed is actually at loiterink.com.
    The guy you spoke to from here is Layne.

    I hope the people from here can still do the collaboration, but I haven't heard any news from that in awhile.

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