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rss 172 weeks ago
Hi all,

Got my Grab bag today and although I kinda like what i got, I thought I'd put them up for trade just to see if I can get something i like better.

I'm in the UK but dont mind trading internationally if its a shirt I like.

Mens XL

House Pride Jan 12 2011

Toad Skull Dec 24 2010

Interested in trading for the following shirts in a Mens XL


The Doctor Has Been Here

World of NiCraft

Any other Doctor Who shirts considered.


Death By Cuteness in a Womens XL

Open to offers on other shirts in mens XL
Cheers :)

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    172 weeks ago
    I would love to trade for the House Pride Shirt

    I have


    to offer.
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    172 weeks ago
    Sorry arnm616, neither of those float my boat. But thanks for you're interest and good luck with trading them. :)

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