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rss 173 weeks ago
Just got my grab bag in the mail today and sigh...disappointed. So basically this is what I have:

I Crucifix Vampires
You've Been Out Creeped
Mario M.D.
Buddha Bot v6.0 and
Rare B-sides

I would love if anyone had these is in a Women's XL or Men's Medium/Small

Count the Shadows
Tragedy & Comedy (will KILL for this one, I was a theatre major)
Oz Wars
The Doctor Has been Here
Tintin Man
Baggins Pawn shop
Star Walk
Han Shot First

I'd also take
House Pride (GO SLYTHERIN!)

E-mail is [email protected]
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    173 weeks ago
    Whoops. I don't think I made it clear that if you really want of the shirts and don't have anything to trade you can just buy them.

    Seriously the only ones I might conceivably ever wear are Buddha Bot and Mario M.D. *I love star wars but I'm just not a fan of the Hanburgler*
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    173 weeks ago
    I would LOVE buddhabot!
    Sadly, most of the ones you're ISO are ones I'm ISO as well.

    All I have to offer are "Prehistoric Family Dude", "Royale With Chee", and "Apple Pi"
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    173 weeks ago
    P.S. "Elenadc" has a tragedy/comedy, I just saw her comment here:
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    172 weeks ago
    I have Star Walk, but it's already in another trade. So I can't officially offer that at this time.

    I really really like Buddha bot, and would buy it off you for $10 shipped.

    Let me know, and we can set stuff up.
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    172 weeks ago
    I have these 5 shirts in WXL, if you would be willing to trade any of them for "You've Been Out Creeped" =)

    Legend of Pizza
    Times Are Changing
    The Chiefs
    Infinite Bacon
    The First Rule
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    172 weeks ago
    I have Le Royale and Rollin' Deep, both WXL that I'd be willing to trade for I Crucifix Vampires if you're interested. Email me at [email protected] if you are! :)

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