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rss 173 weeks ago
I have (unworn) M:
Han Shot First
Choco Puffs
All hail 81atron

I'm interested in M:
Evolved from the dead
Classic cereal confrontation
Job security
I can haz force
Oz wars
Who watches the empire

I can also buy you a future shirt. If you want to trade me a shirt and i'll buy you a future shirt (one that hasn't been printed). All you would have to do is email me your info and I'll have it shipped to you. We can work out those details when the time comes.

Emai me: [email protected]

Also I dont care if theyve been worn. Send me a pic and we can talk,about that.
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    173 weeks ago
    Sorry, all I have is "Strange Eating Habits" for trade, but I'm willing to buy your "All hail 81atron". If so, How much?


    [email protected]
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    173 weeks ago
    I have:

    Just Under the Skin

    Zombie Killer Extraordinaire

    Told You So

    that i'd be willing to trade for Choco Puffs.

    email me at [email protected]
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    173 weeks ago
    I have
    In mens small.... if interested please e-mail me at [email protected] :)
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    172 weeks ago
    Hi! I desperately want Han Shot First! I don't have the shirts you are looking for (or the droids for that matter) but I would gladly buy it from you if you're not interested in trading for any of the shirts I have. Here's what I've got...

    I Have in Men's Medium:

    Have You Ever Seen A Portal?
    Best Served Cold(Carrie Revenge Soup) x 2
    Destroy All Humans
    You've Been Outcreeped x 2

    Let me know if you're interested in selling your shirt or trading for one of mine.

    *fingers crossed*
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    172 weeks ago
    i'll do it for have you ever seen a portal.

    email me so we can work out the details:

    [email protected]
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    172 weeks ago
    Are you interested in trading Control Bot 4000 for Bowling Its Not Just a Game Anymore?

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