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rss 159 weeks ago
Hey everyone! I came just in time to Teefury to see that there was a Grab Bag, so here's what I have for trade!

All are in Men's Large:

"Miskatonic Uni"

"Apple Pi"

"The First Rule"

"The Chiefs" (I actually got two of these -__- but I do plan on keeping one)

"COEXIST" (I actually don't plan on trading this unless I get my first choice :O)

And...I'm ABSOLUTELY in need of Legend of Pizza...I've been a HUGE fan of the Legend of Zelda for a long time and I absolutely need this!
I'm also interested in Bat Fett, Strange Eating Habits, I Can Haz Force,
and Cool Story Bro.

Oh...and I only take trades in a Large. :O
Tell me what you're willing to trade too, and maybe we can work something out!
You can post here or email me at [email protected] for a faster response.
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    159 weeks ago
    I have cavity fighter, just under the skin and times are changing. Interested in chiefs shirt if you're willing to trade. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
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    159 weeks ago
    I would trade you a Bird's Eye for your Miskatonic.
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    159 weeks ago
    mart, I'll pass. Thanks though!
    drjebus: Definitely! I'd be cool with that! Send me an email and we'll discuss :)
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    158 weeks ago
    Offer anything! :) (actually not anything...trades only in M Large or M Medium. haha)
    Also looking to downsize some of these shirts to a M Medium... email me if you're interested! :D
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    158 weeks ago

    i got the battlestar galactica shirt
    -- Mens Large --
    -- Unworn/Unwashed --

    ill trade you for coexist
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    158 weeks ago
    No thanks.
    bumpity bump :D
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    158 weeks ago
    I'll trade my "Unprocessed Soylent Green" by Captain Ribman for your "Apple Pi."
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    157 weeks ago
    No thanks, wolfman.
    Bumpity bump
    coexist is gone!

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