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rss 173 weeks ago
Brand new. Never Worn. Men's Medium LOST Rock 'em Sock 'em Candidates Tee for trade. Got it in a grab bag. Interested in trading for another Men's Medium, new, never worn shirt.

Im particularly interested in trading it for a Medium "The Whos" shirt.

Willing to entertain the following other trades (Please only offer new shirts.):

Galifrey Road
Save the Clock Tower
Unprocessed Soylent Green
Buddha Bot v6.0
The Doctor has been here
Birds Eye
Best Buddies

Willing to consider pretty much anything Doctor Who.

Thanks in advance.
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    173 weeks ago

    I have the hungry hungry hippos shirt (STRANGE EATING HABITS)

    Mens Medium

    not really what you're looking for sorry but maybe you still want to trade?
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    173 weeks ago
    oh yeah new never worn and all that

    got it in grab bag :)
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    173 weeks ago
    I can tell you really want this shirt. I think we have a deal. Email me: AcidReflx at hotmail dot com. We can work out the details with addresses and what not there. Sound good?
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    173 weeks ago
    Great! I'll email you! I'm tdavidson305 at gmail dot com

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