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rss 299 weeks ago
Hey there guys. This isn't extremely related to Tee shirts or anything, but I thought I would let you know.

Just this past night (Oct 30) Grand Rapids, Michigan just pretty much beat out the zombie walk record (most people dressed and walking like zombies in one place) with at LEAST 3500 people! It was so amazing. It almost reminded me of TeeFury and the recent collaboration. Most people I know that were there just heard about it last minute and thought they would all do what they could to help out, and by that I mean, get all zombied up and head downtown. It was all organized by this amazing sophomore college student and the turnout was just super exciting. He also recently organize and over 1000 person pillow fight that was last month.

There are some awesome photos here [click], and some people had some awesome costumes and ragged tees. There was a Waldo zombie, a Sarah Palin zombie, etc.

I feel pretty good right now... first I get something on a shirt on my favorite Tee site, and then I help to set a world record. I must be on a roll...


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