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rss 173 weeks ago
Got my first grab bag and actually got a shirt I wanted, however I don't want the other 2, didn't even know what one of them was. Both are Womens Medium.

Zombie Killer Extraorindaire
Super Ernie - O World.

Willing to trade for

Vashta Nerada - Womens M or Mens L
Bow Ties Are Cool - Mens L
Bowling. It's not just a game anymore - Mens L
House Pride - Womens M
Oz Wars - Womans M
Serenity Snake - Mens L
Exterminated - Womans M
Who - Womans M
StarWalk - Womans M

Any other shirts are worth consideration if needed.

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    172 weeks ago
    I'm interested in Zombie Killer, but I have Choco Puffs and Shreds Pizzeria.

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