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rss 173 weeks ago
Ok, so some of my grab bag shirts came in, so I figured I should make this list. All sizes contained within here are Men's Medium.


Old Boy


The Doctor Has Been Here

Bowling. It's not just a game any more.

Dark Side of the Triforce

Evolved From The Dead


True Love Never Lies

Best Buddies (You know, that Calvin and Hobbes/Han and Chewie one)


Tusken Pride

Save The Clocktower

Currently Unkown Shirt

Also have Pangalactic Gargle Blaster, if anyone's interested, though I quite like it.

Top 3 wants (as I have another one coming in) are as follows, in most wanted order: True Love Never Dies - The Doctor Has Been Here - Tie on Old Boy/CoCoa/Bowling/Best Buddies, in no specific order.

So, just let me know if you want to trade.
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    173 weeks ago
    Also, all of my shirts are brand new and unworn.

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