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rss 174 weeks ago
Hey guys, me again asking about making teeshirts. I was wondering if any artists or members could tell me what a good site is for t-shirt printing. I'm not talking about TF or any other site similar to them. I mean a company that will print my design so I can sell them in-person, not through the internet so no sites like redbubble either.

I'm trying to find a good price but it hasn't happened yet. My design consists of 5 colors so its getting a little expensive. Just wanted to see if anyone could lead me in the right direction.

Email me the info just in case so we dont make TF mad.

my email is: [email protected]
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    174 weeks ago
    PrinterListings can help you to find a screenprinter in your area :)
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    173 weeks ago
    Thank you MJ, but it only had one listing for Richmond, VA and I know for a fact there are more in Richmond. Should I still look at surrounding cities since shipping wouldnt be as much anyway?

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