If anyone is willing to sell or trade a women's or men's medium, please hit me up!

My two favorite shows and I found tee fury too late!
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    174 weeks ago
    I'm in the exact same boat. I feel your pain.
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    174 weeks ago
    Hah, I post that and I finally find another place to purchase the shirt. The artist has a separate website with it for sale; unfortunately it is rather expensive, but the awesomeness justifies it for me. Check it out.

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    173 weeks ago
    I just received my grab bag from March, and I got the "The Doctor has been here" shirt, but it's in Men Small...
    Are you interrrested anyway?
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    172 weeks ago
    I'm interested.
    Didja want to trade for it?


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    170 weeks ago
    I've got a Men's large, if someone's looking to trade.

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