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Email me at [email protected] of you want to sell yours or trade with something I have.
Please have mercy on me! I've been looking for this shirt for AGES!! lol
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    174 weeks ago

    If you haven't noticed on Teefury for the last 10 months I have been losing weight. I can no longer fit into XXL shirts and am officially into XL shirts. In that time I have amassed a lot of Teefury shirts, some I have worn (which I am keeping) and others that have been locked in my drawers which are BRAND NEW and never worn which I am VERY upset about.

    I would like to trade for XL shirts or sell these shirts ($12.50 which incl shipping) to interest parties in the TeeFury community...

    Here is what I have contact me if interested at [email protected]
    Thanks, Eric

    I have... (look in the Gallery ABOVE for the designs pictures)

    MMMMerica (with the waffle bacon and butter) 6/21/10 Teefury XXL

    Cuban Habanos (Cigar Shirt) 6/23/10 Teefury XXL

    ORIGIN (Magic Top Hat with Wand with Outer Space) 6/24/10 XXL

    Constant (Lost/ Back to the Future shirt with Desmond and Faraday riding deLorean) 5/18/10 Teefury XXL

    Pyrmid Scheme 4/19/10 TeeFury XXL
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    174 weeks ago
    Christy, if you don't have luck here, go to and type in chewie and han to get the design straight from the artist himself. it will cost you more money than here, but since you can't get it here anymore, it may be a good alternative.
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    173 weeks ago
    @chad, thanks! I'll look there.

    @eric, thanks but I'm really just looking for Best Buddies.

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