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rss 162 weeks ago
Hey guys, sorry for asking these questions lately. I figured I can ask this community full of artists and smart people and I wouldn't be lied to or taken advantage of.

Anyway, a partner and I have a design being created so we can put it on a tee. Artist said we have all the rights once we pay him and we could do whatever with the design. So we want to sell some tees of this image. Other than selling them out the trunk of my car and marketing the design, what are some good ways of selling tees?

What sites are good? I'm not talking about sites like TF or anything similar because this design I doubt would appeal to this community. Like are Etsy and CafePress good sites to use for this purpose? What do you guys prefer?

Also, I have somewhat of a relationship with some people that work at 2 of these independent clothing stores here in Richmond. So, I was wondering should I approach them to sell my design? If so, how does that work exactly? Do I have to share profits with the store and if so, how much of a cut is good, 20%-30%? Do we have to come up with a contract?

I know I'm not going to be making much money, not even sure if I'll make a profit really. I just want to get the design out there in more ways than one to help make the brand. So can anyone help me??? Please?

P.S. Not sure if I'm not allowed to mention the sites I did in this post, but if I broke a rule, I'm sorry. Delete it if you have to. Thanks.

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