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rss 177 weeks ago
Iv seen T-shirts get a "hot like me" and a "super Popular" but is there a rank above these?
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    177 weeks ago
    sometimes a dolphin pops up, or an evil monkey... amongst other things
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    118 weeks ago
    I'd really like there to be some sort of clearer, even numerical ranking system. I really want to get an idea what sells well.

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    118 weeks ago
    Use eBay completed listings to see what sells well, or if you are lazy: expressobeans. I am fairly certain that TF will NEVER reveal the exact numbers of their sale volumes due to competitors using those figures against them.

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    118 weeks ago
    Well in the submit section Teefury has listed the top earners, you can look at their profiles to see what got them there. WinterArtwork
    $37,106 USD
    Ian Leino
    $31,879 USD
    $30,441 USD
    Captain RibMan
    $27,942 USD

    I know it isn't the best way, but decent way of finding out. I would love if Teefury did a list of best selling designs.
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    118 weeks ago
    I think teefury should have one day where they reprint the top like ten designs and resell them for a little bit of an inflated price.

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