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rss 163 weeks ago
hy everyone..

for a long time i wanted to make a little stop motion video with my toy figures. finally in my last holiday i started this project, but i hadn't thought that it'd take so much time, so i couldn't finish it in my holiday. finally i could take the time to finish it in the evenings after work, and this weekend.

i hope y'all enjoy it :) i never did something like that before, but i'm quite content with the movie as it is - actually i can't really enjoy watching, i only seem to see the things i've to do better next time :P - naaahh that's bollocks, i'm quite proud of it, and surely will try something similar again.

danger @ castle grayskull

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    163 weeks ago
    Whoa, now that's commitment! I especially liked the lasers :)
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    163 weeks ago
    That was pretty good, but I have an idea. You should try to replicate the exact frames of an episode and see how it looks.

    An example:

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