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rss 165 weeks ago
I was so excited when this Biotwist design printed. It was the first Teefury I bought in a very long time and I was stoked about the color of the blank and the design itself, Couldn't wait to get it.

It came in the mail today.

Not only is the blank thin and scratchy, but it's HUGE. It is literally almost to my knees. I mean, seriously. I get that there can be an inch or so of variation between shirts but here is a Teefury I've worn once on top of the shirt I got today. They are both marked "L"

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As a regular customer and a member of the sort of online t-shirt community we have all created through various forums I am incredibly disappointed. What is going on here? =[
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    165 weeks ago
    Contact [email protected] - we'll do our best to get this straightened out! :)

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