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If you haven't noticed on Teefury for the last 10 months I have been losing weight. I can no longer fit into XXL shirts and am officially into XL shirts. In that time I have amassed a lot of Teefury shirts, some I have worn (which I am keeping) and others that have been locked in my drawers which are BRAND NEW and never worn which I am VERY upset about.

I would like to trade for XL shirts or sell these shirts to interest parties in the TeeFury community...

Here is what I have contact me if interested at [email protected]

Thanks, Eric


I have... (look in the Gallery ABOVE for the designs pictures)

MMMMerica (with the waffle bacon and butter) 6/21/10 Teefury XXL

Cuban Habanos (Cigar Shirt) 6/23/10 Teefury XXL

ORIGIN (Magic Top Hat with Wand with Outer Space) 6/24/10 XXL

Constant (Lost/ Back to the Future shirt with Desmond and Faraday riding deLorean) 5/18/10 Teefury XXL

Happy/Grim 5/29/10 Teefury XXL

Pyrmid Scheme 4/19/10 TeeFury XXL
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    178 weeks ago
    Oh and I would sell them for $12 each covering the s/h and original price I paid. Only will sell/trade them to people in the USA sorry rest of the world, but they are expensive to ship

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