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rss 165 weeks ago
Hey everyone,

This will be my first submission to the Teefury community, so I want to make sure it's a good one.

With The Hobbit movie starting production next month, I've been eager to design a Hobbit-themed design that would amuse fans of the book. Here's what I came up...

I've used the generic Facebook calendar with the markings described in The Hobbit as text. I've also created an icon for Bilbo at the bottom, but I'm still having trouble creating icons for the dwarves. At this point they'll just look like blobs, so I'm looking into alternatives. I may get rid of the profile pics altogether since they seem to clutter the design.

What do you guys think? Any ideas? Thoughts? Comments?

Also, here's a preview of what it'll look like on a shirt...

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    165 weeks ago
    first of all... this is really cool.

    its really clever. Awaiting reply from Biblo.12 dwarves like Bombur's comment. i think it's really creative.

    I'm not sure how i feel about all the gray boxes; but i understand that it would be pretty impossible to design all the dwarve's mini facebook photos. i just now actually read what you wrote about that so disregard what i just said lol.

    i just feel like people would have to like facebook ALOT to wear it. know what i mean? like.. from a distance, anyone might think you're just reppin a facebook shirt. and that kinda takes away from the point of the design (in my opinion?) but overall.. i think it's pretty awesome.. there are alot of LOTR fans, and virtually everyone has a facebook: so you're appealing to a large market.
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    165 weeks ago
    I'm really trying to streamline the entire design and get rid of anything unnecessary. I agree the gray boxes and white space is way too much of a distraction, so I'm working hard to see what I can do in terms of placement. Maybe enlarging the boxes would allow for more detail in the dwarves profile pics. I'll keep working on it and post my progress...
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    165 weeks ago
    I feel like as long as you solve to gray box issue you'll be fine.. but anything you put in those boxes is gonna look almost the same.. i mean.. all the dwarfs have beards.. how different can you make em look in those boxes? :( i think that's your only problem.. and if you can fix it, then the shirt is good to go.. there are alot of LoTR fans that will love it..
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    165 weeks ago
    Hahaha - "Facetook" cracked me up. Fun idea.
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    164 weeks ago
    New version is here, just added some icons to give it more of a 'Facebook' feel. Still working on the dwarves, but it'll be finished soon enough...


    Also, if you have any suggestions for some funny comments for the dwarves, post them!

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