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Hi there!

I really want to order today's design, but I have never made a TeeFury purchase before and don't want to miss such a great opportunity by buying the wrong size! I'm usually a small, but the measurements on the sizing chart make it seem like they might run a little short? Do any girls with longer torsos have any advice as to whether I should buy a Women's Small or Women's Medium? I was even thinking of ordering a Men's shirt, since the smalls are 18" long. Any input is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!
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    180 weeks ago
    I personally feel that the women's tees on this site are too long. They're definitely longer than what you get from shirtwoot or somewhereelse (if you've ever shopped there).

    granted, I guess I have a "normal" length torso, not long. I'm 5'6" and usually a size medium-ish.

    I've actually stopped ordering women's shirts from this site and instead just order men's smalls. They fit me much better.
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    180 weeks ago
    I agree. The women's sizing is pretty...awful, to say the least. For one, they only go up to large (some of us are heavy chested...). My friend normally wears a medium (long torso, average chest) and she got sick and tired of the shirts not going down. Even the larges she has a bit of a problem with. She ends up going for a man's medium and they look great on her. For me? I normally wear xl and. I have to get a men's 2xl (go go big chest and long torso... :( ).
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    179 weeks ago
    Im 5" and seriously heavy chested (no joke) and I get a womans XL and its fits over my chest really nicely and doesnt squash me in and then its not too baggy round my stomach and its goes to just below my belt line. Which I dont think is that long.

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