I have been working to expand the readership of my film review site and was thinking with all of the great shirts TeeFury has that deal with films it would be a great opportunity to bring new customers to TeeFury by giving away a shirt every now and then on my site.

The only problem is I have no idea who I would contact at TeeFury to discuss such a proposal. Does anyone here on the forums have some suggestions?

Daniel Mansel
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    180 weeks ago
    What is it that you're looking for?
    Buy a few shirts. Give them away. They're only 9 Bux.
    They'll soon have codes to redeem for gift certificates, etc...
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    180 weeks ago
    Unfortunately as a site with no revenue coming in even $9 wouldn't be an option. I have been searching for companies who would provide items to give away in return for the advertising.

    Also if it were just $9 it wouldn't be so bad, but by the time it is shipped to me, then shipped to the person who wins it it would end up being more like $14-$16.

    I have managed to procure some other items to give away through local theaters and such but I don't know I just thought as a company I really enjoy and buy from quite frequently it would be nice to try to set something up.

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