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rss 180 weeks ago
From the teasers and rumors it looks like River Song will be playing a big role in the next season, i would love to see someone do a shirt with her and her quote about spoilers or something to that effect. I am unfortunatly not an artist but something like the blink WIP ive seen on here but with her in the center of a crest of some sort holding her sonic and her book with a "title ribbon" about spoilers.

What does everyone think? anyone want to take up the chalange? I would but my best artwork comes out on the level of stick figures :)
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    180 weeks ago
    Ice Men(Dr. Who) mixed with Borg(Star Trek)
    Popeye mixed with Wolverine, opening a can of spinach with the adamantium claws! "I yam what I yam BUB." Could call it Sailor-Wolf?
    More Green shirts? Hoodies?
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    173 weeks ago
    sounds cool

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