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Why do the beautiful ladies get the cooler colored shirts, guys always get dark tones or drab colors. I am sorry but I love bright shirts to go with my kick arse designs. My best friend has been deterred on more than one shirt because of this, the both of us have a vast collection of dark and BLACK shirts, I myself have sworn off purchasing black shirts (unless its uber good like Fettio Bro's). Does anyone else agree? I am sure some of the girls have wanted some of the darker colors too? Is their a particular reason we get different colors, like due to the male shirt style or the female shirt style?
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    167 weeks ago
    Usually when men and women get different shirt colors it is because one (or both) of the colors is not available for both genders.

    Sometimes it's because of availability (our manufacturer might not have enough tees in that color in stock), and sometimes it's because they just don't make that color.

    I hope that helps :)

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