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rss 184 weeks ago
I have the following 3 shirts for trade in the Men's Large size, all new & unworn:

The recent shirts I'm most interested in are:
Super Fettio Bros.
Patterson's Blue Foot (Cookie Monster)
Mop Bob
True Love Never Dies
Light Katana Fight

But I'll entertain any offers of unworn size larges! (I may be pickier with the Tusken shirt, preferring to get Fettio, Lightkatana or an older SW referencing shirt if possible.)

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    184 weeks ago
    Oh- and if you prefer, you can send offers to me here:
    [email protected]
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    184 weeks ago
    Update: Sonic shirt is spoken for.
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    182 weeks ago
    I still have the Tusken and Nerdfighteria shirts available. Anyone interested?

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