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rss 184 weeks ago

If anyone has any Ladies S/M shirts to trade, would be awesome.

Looking for (if possible):

Dark Side of the Triforce
Who (Doctors falling out of the TARDIS)
Steamboat Mario

Open to all offers, but any of those would be great :D
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    184 weeks ago
    Hey, I don't have any of those shirts, but I'd totally be willing to buy you one of your choosing when it comes up. What do you think?
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    184 weeks ago
    Yeah, that would work! Just, it's UK shipping to get to me, so it's a little extra, so I'll understand if you don't want to (I'm assuming you're in the USA?)
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    184 weeks ago
    I am, but it's not a problem. My email is [email protected] We can work out the details that way :)

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