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rss 184 weeks ago
Looking for suggestions... I had a great idea for a t-shirt and I've done sketches, but I'm not sure where to go from here and I want to refine it on a computer.

Suggestions as to what I should do? Thanks!
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    184 weeks ago
    Scan your sketches, insert the image into your vector graphics program and trace over the top in a separate layer or layers. To make it easier to see what you're doing, give the sketch a slight tint.

    For programs try:

    Inkscape - vector graphics
    Paint.NET - raster graphics
    GIMP - raster graphics (more capable but the interface is a mess)
    SketchUp - 3D graphics (you can use the Google Warehouse to find models to arrange in a scene and take an image to use as a reference)

    The easiest way to install them is to go to Ninite and tick the boxes.

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