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rss 184 weeks ago
I have a women's Island Reunion design from November 2nd and the P-UMA design from November 7th.
Both are a women's M size, and I am happy to trade one or both and I am alright with different sizes, just let me know what you have to trade =]
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    184 weeks ago
    Would like island reunion if you like any of these?

    -Castle of Lions Time-Off
    -poe boys
    -Going Green
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    184 weeks ago
    I'd love either shirt (especially Island Reunion) if you'd be willing to trade for The Ride Aquatic in a Ladies M
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    184 weeks ago
    I have the Tusken Pride tee in womens medium if you'd be interested in that at all. :)
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    183 weeks ago
    Bethanyla, I would really like Tusken Pride. Which would you want to trade for?

    Sydvicious, I'm sorry, I've never seen The Life Aquatic, so I wouldn't want the shirt. Good luck finding someone to trade with!

    Bethives, I like Poe Boys, but if Bethanyla wants to trade for Island Reunion I would prefer Tusken Pride, but if she doesn't then I would be willing to trade for Poe Boys =]

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