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rss 184 weeks ago
I received the following in a grab bag that I'd like to trade/sell, both are Women's Larges and were taken out of the grab bag and hung up and have never been worn/washed:

Who -
Q of Glam -

I've already got Who and don't care at all for Q of Glam. There are a lot of things I'll trade for, if you have a women's M or L shirt that's not been worn/washed and you want to trade let me know.

Specific shirts I'd like to have are as follows, though there are plenty of others I wouldn't mind having so post whatever you may have if you are interested! :)

Ambercrombie and Quidditch
Millenterprise Falcon
Z is for Zombie
Best Buddies
Robots in Disguise
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    184 weeks ago
    Would you like a Women's Large Tusken's Pride? Get back to me if your interested at [email protected]
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    184 weeks ago
    Hey, don't have a trade for the shirt, but wouldn't mind paying for this one! I'm a huge DW fan, but sadly didn't discover this shirt until after the day was over. [email protected]
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    183 weeks ago
    I have three women's XL tees I would trade for Who:

    If you don't like any of these I'd also be willing to buy it!

    If you're interested, please let me know at [email protected]
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    183 weeks ago
    I have

    Interested in the Who Tshirt. Warning: I'm in Canada. I know that affects shipping... so yeah.
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    183 weeks ago
    Doctor Who shirt has been sold.

    Still looking for takers on the Q of Glam shirt. I really don't want this in my closet and am willing to haggle :)

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