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rss 185 weeks ago
Hey, sorry if this is a bit late, but I only just got my grab bag. ^_^

Basically I have the 'Tusken Pride' in women's XL. Never worn, I just don't really like the design.

I would happily trade for:

and possibly....

But i'm up to any offers! If you're interested please contact me at: misspeaches @

Thank you. <3
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    185 weeks ago
    I have the Going Green shirt in Womans XL, not on your wants, but still worth a try (I already have it and got a second one in my grab bag)

    my e-mail is ladia23 @ hotmail . com
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    184 weeks ago
    I have this shirt:

    And it's in Women's XL. Got it in my grab bag and I'm not really into the look.

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