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rss 301 weeks ago
after typing out my thoughts under todays shirt 'into the wild' (shibbiy), i realized that was the wrong place to be ranting. my rant was about color options on shirts. so heres what i was saying:

i know this would complicate things a whole lot, but i would love to see a color scheme option for orders... with a shirt like this (into the wild), the color really is the deciding factor between a 'buy' and a 'pass' (at least for me it is). maybe a drop down menu on the side (near where you pick your shirt size), listing the color variations for the shirt being sold (and maybe a link to open a window with the shirt with that color variation so people can decide for themselves which color scheme they like best).

ex: Into The Wild
      Black//Yellow [link] <--(would open a separate window
      Blue//White    [link]                    with a picture of the shirt
      Red//Green    [link]                                         in that color)

just my thoughts! :)
thumbs up? thumbs down? let me know
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    301 weeks ago
    I'm not sure I agree. As an artist, I like to decide what color the art/shirts are. Maybe it's just me, though. I guess I feel that I spend so much time having to please clients (make logos bigger, make colors "pop" more, aka "making it yellow/red",etc.) that I view shirt design as a selfish, creative escape.
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    301 weeks ago
    I agree with SG, and what you didnt realize jecrt is that the color options he mentioned were chosen by the artist.
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    300 weeks ago
    right shibbiy. im not saying the 'clients' decide what colors they want and then the artist designs it for them.

    what i am saying is that the artist can play around with the colors and make color variations within their current design like shibbiy did, and then Teefury puts a drop down menu on the side with a list like i described above. by all means, if the artist strictly wants only one color scheme to be available, then the artist absolutely has the right to do that.

    the reason i even bring this up is because when i saw shibbiy's "into the wild" design, i thought "ohhh if only it werent so bright". im sure some people liked that, but it wasnt for me. and then i saw the variation posted in the forums, and my eye caught the black/yellow shirt, and i thought now THATS shirt i would buy if it were printed. if that variation was made available as an option to the customer, i would have purchased the shirt. I feel that for future shirts where colors can easily vary (unlike in a shirt such as:, more of a selection would be nice.

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