I got my grab bag a week ago. I've just been searching the forums for someone to trade with, but haven't had any luck so I thought I would make my own post. The two shirts I got were
The Dark Side of the Triforce


and Hell Horse


Both shirts are Men's Large and unworn.

Here are the shirts I really want but I'm open to other offers.

True Love Never Lies
I Drive 88MPH
Celebrate Mediocrity
Totem Totem Pole
Ambercrombie and Quidditch
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    172 weeks ago
    i need that dark side of the tri force tee! i missed it, would you only want to trade for mens large?

    i have..

    * Katamari Devolution in M (girl) and XL (guys)


    *Tusken Pride in L (guys)


    * Serial Killer Toolbox in L (guys)

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    172 weeks ago
    I'm sorry, I forgot to update this. I managed to trade the shirt last night. I'm sure you wouldn't want to but Hell Horse is still available if you want it. Again, I'm sorry for not updating.

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