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rss 186 weeks ago
I just got my grab bag shirts today and I'm interesting in trading them for one of the following: "Who" or "Trap Them All"

The shirts I have are "Koopa the Hutt", "Steamboat Mario", and "It Starts with an Earthquake".

If you have something else to offer, let me know, I might be willing to trade for that too. I will also take a size medium, as the large sizes were bigger than expected.

I will probably mail them out via USPS, just in case you're wondering!
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    186 weeks ago
    I received two Tusken's Pride Shirts in Woman's Large. Would you be interested in one of them? I'm really not a Star Wars fan, and ironically that's all I got in this grab bag.
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    185 weeks ago
    I would love to take Mario off your hands for a Ambercrombie and Quidditch (Women's L) if your interested.

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