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rss 288 weeks ago
I was toying with the idea of the 27 Club and all the musicians/actors who died too young.

This was inspired by all of the great musicians who left this place too early. Inspired by people like Hendrix (27), Nowell (27), Morrison (27), Ward (27), Alexander (27), Ham (27), Boon (27), and many more.

I wanted to somehow list some of these people on the design to compliment it but felt that might be distasteful. So I left it a little generic and would consider a tag or silkscreen inside of some of these people to remember.

Think of how their music would be now or how it would have changed music as we hear it now if they were still here. Anyway, comments and criticism are always welcome. Iím only trying to get better.

Let me know if I should continue on, if it's complete or if I should wash my car with it.
Cheers. Cbass99

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    288 weeks ago
    sorry I posted it twice. i can seem to find how to edit the post.
    feedback welcome-cheers
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    288 weeks ago
    hey cbass killer idea ;) I edited your post ;)

    I do love the concept - not a huge fan of the cross - but you have a good base of an idea - would there be a way to do some type of integrated illustration with the various actors/musicians? or would that look a little cheesy?
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    288 weeks ago
    layne, i'll rework it. i think it has some promise. i'll get back to you.

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