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rss 186 weeks ago
I received my grab bag and unfortunately don't care for them. :( So, I have some brand new shirts up for trade.

The two woman's are Blue Plate Special

and Escape

the male large is mop bob

I would really like The Dark Side of the Triforce, The Travelers, or Super Fettio Brothers. I would be willing to take Katamari Devolution, or the Harry Potter shirt too.

Never the less please check with me if you have something to offer.

Pretty Please with a cherry on top! Contact [email protected] Thanks
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    185 weeks ago
    I have a 'Tusken pride' women's XL, and would happily trade for the 'blue plate special' . I know it's not one of the listed, but nevertheless if you're interested it's misspeaches @ Thanks :)

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    185 weeks ago
    Sorry, not interested, but thanks for the offer!

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