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rss 186 weeks ago
For trade:

Not quite sure what I'd like in return, but I like Star Wars (just not the one I got) and Harry Potter shirts plus a few others so it's probably worth asking. I'd be willing to trade for another men's medium, a men's large, or a woman's XL, but these are all men's medium.
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    186 weeks ago
    ill trade you the ride aquatic for robots in disguise in mens medium

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    186 weeks ago
    if that trade doesn't workout, would you sell "ride aquatic"?
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    186 weeks ago
    I'll trade for Ride Aquatic as well.
    3 shirts I just recieved are

    If he doesnt want Robots in Disguise I really want that one. Anyway we could work out a deal, trade or cash?

    Both can email me at [email protected]

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