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Woot! just ran a derby about taking movie quotes literally. One of the most famous is Abbot and Costello's Who's on First? routine, which led to:

This is probably going to be submitted to anothersite, seeing as it's in their kind of style and avoids all copyrightable material - they're extremely antsy about that - but I figure I can do better by adding the other players:

Who's on first and stealing second from a quantum locked Weeping Angel. Ace - go old skool! - is at bat against a Dalek, who can 't throw, whilst Vashta Nerada sit ready to catch the ball and eat it. River Song is third base - badumtish - and providing the second shadow for the Vashta Nerada. Shortstop is a Sontaran and the Master is out in left field playing drums. The choices seem pretty cut-and-dried.

From there on it gets a little random, however. I figure I can slot K-9 as a tail-chasing home plate umpire - though I may have to move him out of position so he's clear of the Vashta Nerada - and we needneedneed a Cyberman, so one may as well be crushed underneath the TARDIS, but what of centre field and right field? If I go by iconic villans of the entire Doctor Who run I'd pick Autons (Nestene) - making a lame centrefold/centrefield joke - and sexy sexy Silurians but are there better options? I am relatively unaquainted with this colonial recreation you call "base-ball" and haven't seen any of the Eleventh's episodes.

Also, any suggestions for style? I'm leaning towards what is essentially coloured line art - thick lines on outsides of object/characters, thin on insides - in a super-deformed style like the Time Squad figures so everything will still be recognisable at a distance at such a small size. Colours would be white, grey, black, blue, brown and green on green fabric.

Oh, and before anyone asks: yes, I'm aware River Song is on the villain's team. She stole my Doctor, dammit! >:( ;) :P
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    175 weeks ago
    Heh, just realised the old logo looks like a baseball diamond:

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    175 weeks ago
    I'm not sure there are many iconic villains in Eleventh's series that you haven't already included (Daleks, Silurians, Angels... River Song *cough*). Dayumn, you should totally watch them though. The only villain-y thing that would maybe suit is the omnipresent crack-in-space-and-time... but not knowing much about baseball either, I've no idea where you'd put it. Maybe it's the umpire?

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