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rss 174 weeks ago
When I click on the Facebook Connect it reloads/refreshes the page but never shows or prompts anything that would suggest I have been "entered for a chance for a free tee" (or whatever it might possibly say).

Yes, I am usually logged onto Facebook when I use the feature. And No, nothing shows up on my FB account unless I "like" the design.

Should I be seeing anything that says "you have been entered" either on this website or Facebook? If, yes, any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

I'm just a little worried I might be missing a chance for a free shirt.
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    174 weeks ago
    Mine says "You've automatically been entered to win a free Tee for using Facebook Connect!"
    I don't remember what I did to get it to do that, though.
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    174 weeks ago
    As long as you are logged into your Teefury account and have your account connected to your Facebook account, you should see "You've automatically been entered to win a free Tee for using Facebook Connect!" underneath the image of today's tee. Also, after you buy a t-shirt while you're logged in to Teefury and your account is connected, Teefury will automatically post to your Facebook wall saying "(Name) just snagged today's shirt at TeeFury for only $9!"
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    174 weeks ago
    I see the bar under the Tee of the day but I have never seen "you've been automatically been entered..." when I click on it or when I have been signed into both accounts... Nothing has been posted onto my FB account either.

    Is it possible it has something to do with my FB account settings?

    #Slightly frustrated that I have missed out on a chance to win a free tee...

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