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Thank you to everyone who purchased a Give Hope tee yesterday! I know beyond purchasing yesterdays tee many of you contacted Rising Star Outreach independently and sponsored a child and gave what you could. A ton of good was done yesterday!

Over 230 of you purchased yesterdays Give Hope. Love Life. Play t-shirt!We will be donating $1 from each tee purchased yesterday and include a contribution from TeeFury to sponsor Annall for a year of school. Every little bit helps and again are grateful to everyone who gave!

As the TeeFury community gets larger we will be able to make an even bigger impact through art and we hope to do these charity tees more often. Art is a powerful medium to make a difference and to bring about healing and change. We cannot thank everyone enough for your support!

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    302 weeks ago
    That is wonderful news, Layne. Happy to see some artwork with a cause...especially considering how low you keep the overhead.
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    302 weeks ago
    great news, keep up the good work. can't wait to get my "give hope" tee.

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