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rss 191 weeks ago
This is a rather quick post as unfortunately I do not have much time.
I tried to order two t-shirts last night at 20 minutes til midnight although I was having problems with page loading. I am rather bothered by this as I really wanted these particular shirts. They were the Samurai warrior Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker t-shirts. Is there any way that I may still purchase these? The shirts were in my shopping cart and I was ready to confirm my order after the page finally loaded but then the design in my cart changed at midnight as I was in the middle of the purchase. I was not a happy woman at all!!! >:/
If someone could please get back to me on this topic.
Brigitte Von Stetina
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    191 weeks ago
    If you don't sort it with the TeeFury team, there is RedBubble:

    (three versions by the looks)

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    191 weeks ago
    I had a similar problem and tried to sort it out with Teefury but they wouldn't let me place an order for it. REALLY lame considering how many freakin' t-shirts I've bought from this website. I'm going to think twice before buying again, I'll tell you that.

    Either way, thanks for the link, but that is more than double the price... ugh, I wish Teefury customer staff weren't such blowhards.
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    190 weeks ago
    stexe teefury dont have any obligation to complete an order you didnt make in time for whatever reason, it is very well known that these tee's are only available for a certain length of time which as someone who has bought before should know, if you are wanting to buy it is always a good idea not to leave it till the last minute to make your order,
    i am sorry you feel badly about teefury ,let me reassure you that as a regular buyer from teefury myself i have recieved nothing but help and assistance from teefury staff always and i am sure if you had a problem which didnt include last min buying and therefore failure to process order in time ,they would have been more than happy to help. i am sure teefury has a cut off time for orders for a reason ,if they didnt stick ridgedly to that time then they could be dealing with extra orders for ever and then the out come of this would be people complaining that orders where not fullfilled in a reasonable time causeing no end of headaches for teefury.
    stick around the forums and chat to some of us guys here and give teefury and chance ,you no they are great value for money and you cant beat the choice.

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