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I'm a little lost on a few details regarding artwork submission. First off, what are the available shirt colors and how do I specify when submitting a design what color I want used? For that matter, if I'm incorporating the shirt color into my design, how can I be sure to match it? And does the printing process allow for gradations in tone or do I have to "fake" it with patterns (newsprint for example)? Sorry if this info is readily available somewhere and I missed it, but I can't find anything on the site. I imagine I'm not the only one with questions so hopefully someone can help the rest of us out. Thanks!
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    191 weeks ago
    For available shirt colors, check our Gallery page to get an idea of what we offer. Just use the color you want as the background of your jpeg when you submit.

    Simple gradients are not a problem, especially in the submission stage.

    Basically, don't work if it might not be 100% perfect on stuff like that. We contact artists when their work is chosen, and would let you know what shirt color we're moving forward with, as well as if any technical issues need adjustment.
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    191 weeks ago
    It might be an idea to include more comprehensive information on the submission form since these questions keep getting asked. "Six colours, 15"x19", front chest" may be straightforward for those of us familiar with screenprinting and what can and can't be achieved with it but judging by the submissions thread it's obviously confusing people. (That and there seems to be a misconception that the thread replaces the form, leading to a number of designs with more than 6+1 colours or excessive coverage as the guidelines go unnoticed. I don't know how much slack you give for lack of polish in submitted art but it can't be doing those designs any favours - and conceptually some of them are better than most of your printed shirts, de gustibus non disputandum est, yadda yadda =)

    For the submission form perhaps highlight the guidelines, correct the image size (640x800 is 15"x18.75"; 15"x19" would be 640x811), explain that you use screenprinting whereas sites such as Zazzle use dye-sublimation printing (and hence the colour restrictions), link to examples of shirts that use halftones to simulate simple gradients and transparency (to show how the minimum dot size limits the detail that can be achieved in the halftone portion of the image and that anything more that a simple colour-to-colour/transparency transition will end up looking muddy, whilst explaining that submitters don't need to generate the half-tones themselves, just provide a sufficiently high-resolution source image), and link to the model templates (since some designs need to be seen at a distance to get the full effect).

    For the first post in each month's submission thread, perhaps link to the submission form, clarify the difference between the two, and provide the html code for links and images.

    For my sugar, perhaps coffee and cream. Ooh, kitty...
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    191 weeks ago
    We try to keep our explanations as simple as possible because the more words there are, the more potential there is for confusion.

    At the end of the day, it's okay if submissions aren't perfect. We sometimes ask for adjustments anyway, so it's no big deal :)
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    190 weeks ago
    Fair enough. It's just that I keep seeing designs that are impossible for you guys to print and wonder if you have the time to consider what they would look like if redrawn to fit the guidelines and given the appropriate level of polish or have to dismiss them out of hand due to the number of submissions you have to plough through.

    After my little cross-cultural faux pas I'll probably never get a design approved here, and that's fine, but with the open submission and acceptance agreements *cough* Woot *cough* this is a very nice site for a newcomer to submit to and it would be nice to know all the diamond-in-the-rough submissions aren't in vain.

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