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rss 289 weeks ago
i posted this on the main page but figured i might as well post it here as well.

these are a couple of cool sites i visit daily:

you can answer all kinds of questions and get 20 grains of rice per question you answer correctly donated to help end world hunger.

there are tabs at the top of the site that you visit and click their massive button and you can donate cups of food, a mammogram, books for children, help save the rainforest, donate food to animal shelters, and help children in need of healthcare. ALL you have to do is click on a button at this site!!! how easy is that!?! the hunger site also has awesome stores that, with each purchase, something gets donated to these causes.

you can visit these sites as often as you want and help someone.
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    289 weeks ago
    This is a really great concept. I'm in.
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    286 weeks ago
    DO IT!

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