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rss 192 weeks ago
Hey there

I have just joined up today after seeing this site featured on a forum I have been a long standing member of now for a number of years.

I have looked at all the amazing tee's I have missed out on and was just wondering if anybody has or knows where I may possibly grab these 2 tees'?

1) I drive 88 mph just in case (back to the future)

2) You met me at a very strange time of my life (fight club)

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    192 weeks ago
    The 88mph shirt is up for sale at

    You might want to keep an eye on the artists blog as well as he's said that the Fight Club shirt will probably be on there soon as well. His blog is

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    192 weeks ago
    Hey deejay

    Thanks for that buddy!

    Yeah I have sent 8ball an email asking them if they could possibly print it on the dark blue tee as shown on here

    Thanks for the FC link thats awesome!!!

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