So, I was looking through my collection of Björk music and found Jólakötturinn. See, I never guessed what the song was about because it's all in Icelandic and I... don't speak Icelandic. Hurr.
I looked up the English lyrics and APPARENTLY the song is about this cat. And this cat is called the Christmas Cat. The Christmas Cat is scary and ugly and will EAT you if you don't have new clothes.


So while wondering about wtf this cat's problem is, I thought that a shirt featuring felines in mythology would be amazing.

AND before we steer too far away from the topic of Björk~
the björk fans in the world [we're a dying breed] would appreciate a shirt referencing her. i would trade one of my arms [my left one, preferably. i write with my right one.] and a bag of gummy bears for a shirt like that.
...Or eleven dollars. Whichever is at my disposal first.

also krampus is a bamf and he deserves to appear on a shirt again. :B

Not sure what I was trying to say in this post.
the only obvious thing is that i have trouble staying on one topic for more than four seconds.

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