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rss 193 weeks ago
Hello fellow T-ers.
I'm a pretty large n00b. I joined the site about a month ago and I tend to be uber forgetful about checking the site daily for new shirts. I'm wanting to see if anybody would be interested in selling me their gently used T's.

I'm looking for these designs for L female tees:

high priority:
Ode to the Wild Things
Many Faces of Spock
H and C
Turtle Power!

Zombama Returns
Very Strange Time in My Life
Moth Eaten Deer Head
The Green Revolution
I Drive 88MPH

Black & White Wonderland
The Key Lies in You
acherontia lachesis

I'm not expecting anybody to want to part with their tees since I am in fact a silly n00b who doesn't check daily like I should. I figured if somebody wants to make room for another tee then I would happily purchase any of the tees listed.
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    177 weeks ago
    i think you should check out :)

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