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rss 181 weeks ago
I'm new to posting images in this forum and I have just finished my 1st t-shirt idea and want to share it. Could someone please help me through the steps of posting images.
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    181 weeks ago
    First you need to upload the image to some photo/file hosting site such as Photobucket.

    Once you've uploaded the file, you should be able to copy a direct link (URL) of the image. Copy that URL.
    Now you come back to the thread on TeeFury that you want to post in and paste the URL you just copied into html like this:

    Your image should now work!

    I hope this makes sense, if not I'm sorry! I'm sure someone else will jump in and help you out either way. :)
    Best of luck!
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    181 weeks ago
    Yea it makes more sense then not, thanks for the help I will try it out soon
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    178 weeks ago
    Thanks, I was having the same problem.
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    88 weeks ago
    Is there any other site besides photobucket? Just wondering what my options are.

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