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rss 196 weeks ago
I thought it could be interesting to discuss our enjoyment, frustrations, and various thoughts on this medium and give each other advice pertaining to it :0).
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    196 weeks ago
    Right now, I am curious if it works well or if it is unwise to use oil paint on top of oil pastels? I've never used them before, even though I was given a ton of them about ten years ago.

    I have an oil painting that was getting to some exciting points two years ago and then I got to that stagnant point. I thought sketching on top of it with the oil pastels could be fun and help me to think "out loud" in a new direction, before I refreshed it with some lovely new coats of paint.

    My concern is that I've heard oil pastels never dry, so I do not want my beloved stagnant painting to become physically unstable. I know of a variety of utensils I could use instead, but they tend to be more waxy and not rich like the oil patels. Also, I want to avoid buying anything new, right now (except occasional TF shirts :0)).

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