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Hey guys!! I have these new designs up for sale on RedBubble, feel free to go over and post some comments and, maybe, buy some :D

Cloned To Kill (white helmet)"

Snoopy DeLarge (or A Clockwork Beagle)

The Evolution of The Force"

Death Star's #1 Father"

Call me Nova, as in Casanova

The Invincible Iron

Chewbacca Masks!

You can check out My profile too, I have some neat posters and wall prints!

Thanks peeps!
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    183 weeks ago
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    183 weeks ago
    Oh yeah, did I mention these ALL are available in stickers?? Yaha, I know, right? :D
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    182 weeks ago
    Oh and, my design was announced as the winner of the DBH & H.O.P.E. "Hope for the Gulf" contest and you can get this tee


    on Design By Hümans

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    182 weeks ago
    well done dan on your win with hope,its great.
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    182 weeks ago
    definitely going to pick up the Clone to Kill once i get some money i love that one, the rest are great too that one just sticks out to me
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    182 weeks ago
    Thanks dippy!
    Yo supersalad82, check this out:

    This is my whole family rocking out our brand new Cloned To Kill TeeFury made shirts :D

    Too bad there are no kids sizes but, my oldest kid was wearing a female S and it feet just nice. Baby Caleb was rocking a men S but that's just too big for him, he's gonna have to wait a lot for it, haha. Maybe when he it fits it would be an all-time classic, haha I WISH!!

    If you got this shirt, please post your pics! thanks :D

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