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rss 197 weeks ago
I have three 2XL shirts from the last grab bag that I would love to trade away. I got these three shirts:

1. Cantina Road
2. Mario Skull
3. Fuuu

I would trade for any of the following: Major League Zombie, Killer Robot, Mystery Mech, Zombie Carebear, Super Plumber, Wrong Unicorn, Splash,
Super Fettio Brothers. There are probably a couple of others I could be talked into as well. Any takers?
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    197 weeks ago
    Would you take Delete for Cantina Road?
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    196 weeks ago
    Made a thread with my tees, if you're still interested in trading. Accepting Medium, Large, & XL Men sizes.
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    196 weeks ago
    If you're still looking to trade, I have Lion and Pac's Disguise from the grab-bag, both 2XL and still in the package, never worn.
    I would trade either or maybe even both for Cantina Road if it is still in very good condition.
    Let me know!

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