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rss 184 weeks ago
Hey was just wondering if anyone else was going to New York Comic Con this weekend? I'm going to cover it for my writing job (National Comic Books Examiner, and I wanted to see if anyone else from The Fury would be there!

I'll be there all day Saturday and I'm not 100% yet, but I think I'm repping my 'Epic Duel' shirt from here. Keep an Eye out for me I suppose, or if you want to meet up and have a TeeFury gathering, maybe we can meet up and hang out or something.

Teefury is such a big site I expect to see at LEAST a few of you there!

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    183 weeks ago
    My daughter's boyfriend is heading there this weekend. Funny, I just bought the Epic Duel from someone over on the teetrade site for my daughter...great shirt,have any leftovers??
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    183 weeks ago
    Unfortunately no. Its actually the shirt that made me discover Teefury in the first place. A friend of mine wore it one time and I asked where he got it, came on here and got lucky enough to catch it in a Grab bag.

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