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rss 185 weeks ago
Hey guys,

So "Boo" was my first design printed and I'm thankful that Teefury gave me that opportunity to get printed. And of course, I'm thankful to everyone who bought it!
Since I keep the rights to the design, what should I do now?
I'm thinking of submitting it to other T-Shirts site, but was wondering on which one to choose since there are so many.

What do you guys suggest?

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    185 weeks ago
    put it up on RedBubble!
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    183 weeks ago
    Do u have RedBubble? If you have tell me. I want buy that t-shirt to my girlfriend ^^. If you'll sell it for a razonable price I buy it. (I'm from Spain)
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    174 weeks ago
    I really want one!
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    174 weeks ago
    tj4eck, you can search balilewis on redbubble and find the shirt over there.

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    174 weeks ago

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